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Overview of France

France is a European country filled with stark contrasts and one that has always been hugely popular amongst tourists. You will find some wonderful areas to enjoy in this destination, and the rich and fascinating history will leave history buffs with plenty to get their teeth stuck into. France is a destination also filled with a diverse and colourful culture, and you will be able to soak up the unique charm and character of the different areas of the country as you explore.

When you come to France you can enjoy a range of different environments, from the quiet charm and beauty of the vineyards and orchards, the beauty of the countryside, the breathtaking views of the mountains, the relaxing ambiance and fun of the coastal areas, or the excitement and glitz of the big cities. This is a great destination for families, couples, singles, and groups, as the diverse range of areas means that you will be able to find the ideal place to suit your needs.

France is a destination that enjoys a rich, fascinating, and often dark history, so if you enjoy delving into the past and learning more about the roots and origins of an area you will find plenty of opportunities to do so in the various cities and towns, where you will find museums, galleries, historical points of interest, and monuments. You can also enjoy soaking up the culture through an array of events and festivities held throughout France over the course of the year, which will enable you to appreciate the way of life and culture of the area as well as look forward to some fun and entertainment.

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